Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wroclaw Poland

Pronounced vrotsauve...  About a 4 hour drive from Warsaw on mostly two lane highway throu many small towns. City limit speed zones start with a silhouette of an urban skyscape, no number indicated.    After about 3 hours we turned onto a super highway with 120 km speed limit. The last half hour into Wroclaw went quickly.  We followed the GPS directions to the city centre, medieval in design, very narrow cobblestone streets.  Craig did a great job navigating and taking us to the underground parking garage. Julia found the apartment rental office. We pulled our luggage over cobblestones to find the building.  What an adventure.  The city square is very large surrounded by tall narrow restored buildings, some very colorful, others beautifully decorated, still others, lovely old brick. The square is cornered on two sides by cathedrals with soaring spires.
Up a narrow stair case to suites 6 and 7: I have my own bachelor. Julia, Craig, Colin and Laura in a two bedroom.  We dropped off the bags and went to explore.  A bubble maker surrounded with children filled a large section of the square. The kids had a great time chasing bubbles.  The square's fountain was ultra modern, a contrast with the medieval buildings and cobblestones.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant that was very good, then made our way back via. corner store marked with a frog, apparently a chain in Poland.  A few groceries, ice ream (Kit Kat drumstick!) for the kids and we returned to our rooms.  Time for a shower and a rest until tomorrow!

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  1. So glad you arrived safely and into the arms of your excited family! And it sounnds like you're all doing a great job of being tourists. Keep in touch, we miss you. Have fun and get lots of hugs :-)
    Hugs Lorri & Moe